Graduate Assistantships

Each year the Division of Student Affairs employs nearly 40 graduate students as graduate assistants for a variety of programs, departments and functional areas.

The Division focuses on developing students’ strengths and inspiring student leadership for a global society while fostering a community of inclusion, service, inquiry, partnership, and excellence.

Graduate assistants have the opportunity to advise student organizations, plan major campus programs, build communities in our residence halls, contribute to strategic planning and assessment initiatives, provide direct service to students in need, and much more!

What do our GAs say?

I graduated from a small college and knew no one when I came to University of Arkansas. Being a graduate assistant has allowed me to become aquatinted with campus and learn valuable professional skills, while also building great friendships. I am able to feel like I am giving back to a school that has already been so good to me."

Emily Martin - Graduate Assistant, Center for Educational Access

It was fate that I ended up here and haven't regretted one moment of this amazing experience! I love being able to advise students about bringing diverse programs to campus!"

Jennifer Tuohy - Graduate Assistant, Office of Student Activities

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