Mission Statement

The Division of Student Affairs supports the whole student by cultivating transformative experiences and environments that promote student well-being, sense of community, and success.  

Advancing Student Affairs

To intentionally align with 150 Forward, our strategic plan focuses on three priorities: 1) Student access, well-being, & belonging, 2) Post-graduation success, and 3) Building a strong organizational culture

Staff Directory


Jeremy Battjes

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs  jbattje@uark.edu 479 575-5004

Shannon Urcuyo

Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor surcuyo@uark.edu 479 575-5004

Erin Butler

Senior Advisor to the Vice Chancellor


479 575-4684

Melissa Harwood-Rom

Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students melissa@uark.edu 479 575-5004

Ginny Perlman

Executive Assistant to the Office of the Dean of Students vperlman@uark.edu 479 575-5004

Becky Todd

Associate Vice Chancellor for Well-being rdahl@uark.edu 479 575-4686

Jackie Micheletto

Associate Vice Chancellor for Operations michel@uark.edu 479 575-5007

Leslie Yingling

Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Success lyinglin@uark.edu 479 575-7183

Monica Holland

Assistant Vice Chancellor & Associate Dean of Students   mholland@uark.edu 479 575-5004

Lynne Bell

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Business Services lynnew@uark.edu 479 575-2623

Parice Bowser

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Greek Life pbowser@uark.edu 479 575-5001

Erica Estes

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Career Connections ericae@uark.edu 479 575-3514

Lori Lander

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Strategic Projects & Initiatives llander@uark.edu 479 575-5004

Jon Shaffer

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Housing js050@uark.edu 479 575-6088

Quincy Spencer

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Engagement qspencer@uark.edu 479-575-5002

Laura Anglea James

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Support lauraj@uark.edu 479-575-3104

Chris Butler

Director of Information Technology chrisb@uark.edu 479 575-3836

Teah-Marie Bynion

Director of Analysis and Reporting trbynion@uark.edu 479 575-3193

Benjamin K. Carter

Senior Director of Development bcarter@uark.edu 479 575-4663

Scott Flanagin

Executive Director of Communications sflanagi@uark.edu 479 575-6785

Leadership Board

The Division of Student Affairs Executive Leadership Board consists of community leaders, alumni, parents, and professionals who are committed to programs and services benefiting University of Arkansas students.

The Board’s objectives are to advise the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs on long range strategic planning for the division and connect and introduce the division to new funding sources and strategic partners who share a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of all University of Arkansas students. Board members also provide an annual financial contribution in support of the programs and services of the Division of Student Affairs.


  • Art Babb (Dallas)
  • John Berry (Springdale)
  • Maria Calderon (Washington, D.C.)
  • Michael Dodd (Bentonville)
  • Charlotte Downs (Little Rock)
  • Alex Flemister (Little Rock)
  • Steve Harrelson (Little Rock)
  • Jack and Carolyn Rash (Fayetteville)
  • Hua Wang (Bentonville)
  • Randy Werner (Fayetteville)



Organizational Flowchart