Graduate Assistantship FAQs

Graduate assistants with the Division of Student Affairs


Any admitted or enrolled graduate student meeting all academic requirements. 

The compensation package can vary depending on the assistantship. Typically, a compensation package includes a tuition waiver, professional development funds, discounted health insurance, and a monthly stipend starting at $1,125. 

The number of available assistantships varies each year. 

Yes, depending on availability of positions and preference of supervisor. 

No. The process is based on mutual selection the office has to choose you, too. You will know what interviews you will receive before you commit to participating. 

Future supervisors, senior student affairs staff, current GAs and students, faculty, etc.

Professional dress. Evening activities are business casual. 

If applying during the GA Day process, a  schedule will be sent via email approximately one week before the start of GA Interview Days. If applying during the Informal process, interested departments or offices will contact you directly.

First round of offers will go out within two weeks from the end of GA day. Offers will continue to be extended throughout the spring and summer until all slots have been filled. 

This is a first, and a work in progress. We will be updating the website and candidates as we finalize details. Stay tuned!

You can email RazorbackGA@uark.edu or call 479-575-5007

Have questions?

Contact RazorbackGA@uark.edu for more information.