GA Testimonials

Ivan Anaya

Ivan Anaya (he/him) - Graduate Assistant for New Student & Family Programs, Extended Orientation Programs - M.Ed. in Higher Education - Class of 2024

"I really enjoy getting autonomy over my programs. It is really nice to know my office trusts me and allows me to put my spin on the programs we have in place for new incoming students. I will definitely be able to use these skills both inside higher education and out. "

Camille Gilmore

Camille Gilmore (she/her) - Graduate Assistant for Office of Student Activities - Ph.D. in Public Policy - Class of 2026

“My graduate assistantship experience has been very fruitful so far. My social capital has increased because of my engagement at various events, meetings, and social gatherings I have attended. I also received a GA mentor who was specifically fitted for a female graduate student of color such as myself.”

Trey Smith

Trey Smith (he/him) - Graduate Assistant for the Multicultural Center - M.Ed. in Human Resource and Workforce Development - Class of 2023

"Working at the MC has been a great experience and has allowed me to grow professionally in a way that will allow me to overcome any obstacles that I may face in the workforce. As a Graduate Assistant for the center, I have been able to examine and adopt many practices that will translate into my career. Before attending this University for graduate school, I had always heard the MC is the place to be, and I believe that this statement has upheld its end as I have enjoyed my time here. It’s the people that I meet every day and the individuals that I have an opportunity to work with that create a great experience."

Sarah Campau

Sarah Campau (she/her) - Graduate Assistant for the Multicultural Center - Ph.D. in Public Policy - Class of 2024

“As a GA, I’m working to create a more inclusive and accepting environment for the LGBTQ+ campus community with events, education, and advocacy. Working as a GA in the MC has added depth, love, and family to my UARK experience.”

Luis Negrete

Luis Negrete (he/him) - Graduate Assistant for Greek Housing - M.Ed. in Higher Education - Class of 2024

“Being a GA at the University of Arkansas has given me the opportunity of making connections all around the university as well as giving me the chance of growing personally and professionally. All my fellow GAs support each other and make class a little easier and we are all learning together. Being in the higher education program has helped me be the person and professional I want to be!”

Emily Williams

Emily Williams (she/her) - Graduate Assistant for Freshman Commuter Student Success, Data Analyst - M.S. in Operations Management - Class of 2024

“As a new graduate assistant, I have felt so welcomed and supported. I feel so grateful to have been given such an amazing opportunity to grow and succeed. My GA position gives me the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of areas that I am interested in. Although I work with data, my supervisor, Francesca, allows me to follow my passions to gain experience in areas that I am curious about. My office has become a second home and I cannot imagine my graduate school experience without it!”